The Perfect Corporate Gift For Your Clients

Why Ponder Puzzles are the Corporate Gift You (& Your Clients) Have Been Missing

That time of year is creeping up on us again, cue Mariah Carey. With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about what to get your clients to say 'thank you' in a meaningful way. Wine and candles have been done to death and quite frankly they don't stand out from the crowd. This year, why not consider something more unique, memorable and thoughtful like a Ponder puzzle?

I may be biased but here are some reasons why a Ponder puzzle is a the best corporate gift you could gift your clients (or your staff):

Shelfie Friendly, Designed To Flaunt

Coffee table book or puzzle? It's hard to tell until you pull the puzzle box from inside its outer case. These puzzles were designed to be styled alongside your coffee table books (no more shoving in the games cupboard)

Female Owned Australian Business

Ponder was started by me, Georgia. I live in Sydney and I started Ponder in 2020 looking for an outlet for my creative juices that would enhance the lives of my customers. Ponder puzzles are meaningful, stylish and help people remember to embrace slower moments. 

Designed by Emerging Female Artists

Since its inception, I wanted to work with emerging artists who were aligned to the puzzle topics. To date, each collection has been designed collaboratively by me and an emerging female artist given them an additional source of revenue, access to a new audience and a way to build their profile. I will continue to work with female artists for each new collection. 

High Quality Design

I wanted to create a product that was a cut above the rest. Ponder puzzles are made with thicker GSM materials, there's no exposed grey cardboard and the actual packaging is entirely unique to the puzzle market (the puzzle box sits inside an outer sleeve), so there's a beautiful process to opening the puzzle itself.

Thoughtful and Meaningful

Each puzzle is aligned to a different cultural topic, encouraging you to slow down and ponder while you puzzle. These days it's very easy to turn on Netflix or Disney+, but we should be nurturing our minds and daydreaming and slowing down the old school way. Puzzle is good for your mental health and creative juices, they're the perfect way to pass away the afternoon. 

La Nina Intent on Ruining Summer Holidays

If you're like me and keep checking BOM everyday you'll know the probability of La Nina sticking around for summer is highly likely. So while you're stuck inside with the indoors dreaming of the beach, you'll need something to do. Ponder puzzles are a great way to spend peaceful time together indoors. 


So there you have it, if you're interested in gifting a Ponder Designs jigsaw puzzle to your clients or staff please reach out to me! I'd love to help you help your clients embrace slower moments, they stylish way.